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"he is dead"
"The recumbent"  by Philippe JACQ,
courtesy the artist, clik here to see more

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"COIL" by Mark TODD - Pasadena / Los Angeles
mixed media on panel 24"x36" 
Murphy Fine Arts, more infos clik here
Two new entries Günther FRÖG et Katharina GROSS
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Günther FÖRG
 Katharina GROSSE






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Katharina Schärer 

Florence Reymond  
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Through December 14th 2010 / Barcelona / SPAIN
"Better out than in" Alison Erika Forde at Mas Arte Galeria

courtesy Mas Arte Galeria, more infos clik here

Tuesday December 14th / Paris /
Mardi 14 décembre / Paris
Charity Auction at Palais de Tokyo
Folding screens remodeled by artists, for sale
a do not miss
clik here to see the works

Through December 18th 2010 / Culver City
"Gray Day" Group show Curated by Noah Davis at Roberts and Tilton Gallery

Joshua Aster | Larry Bell | Michelle Blade | James Brittingh am | Bruce High Quality
Juan Capistran | Kristin Calabrese | Alika Cooper | Sylvia Cooper | Daniel Desure
Mark Dutcher | Andrew Foster | Kevin Galleazi | Michael Hayden | Inner City Avant -Garde
Charles Karubian | Anthony Lepore | Sydney Littenberg | Mark McKnight | Samia Mirza
Emmeline De Mooij | Ariana Papademetropoulos | Marlon Rabenreither | Pj Risse
Malik Sayeed | Allison Schulnik | Nat ascha Snellman | Eric Yahn ker and others

"Gray Day is the idea that one can no longer define the art world,
yet, the thirty plus artists in the exhibition more or less situate themselves within it.(...)
An ode to group shows such as Tony Shafrazi's ?Who's Afraid of Jasper Johns? and
the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibition of ?Jasper Johns: Gray,? this exhibition asks thirty artists to create works that best define their interpretation of the color gray. (...)" Noah Davis

So, I put no images, let's do it all gray! B.Ch


Roberts and Tilton gallery, more infos, clik here

Through December 18th 2010 / PARIS 3ème / FRANCE
Siobhan Liddell "As it is, As it isn't"at Galerie Eric Dupont
more infos clik here

Through December 18th 2010/ PARIS / FRANCE
Clement Bagotat École Nationale d'architecture de la Porte de La Villette
A new project to discover there

Through December 18th 2010 / Paris / France
at Galerie Odile Ouizeman

Through December 21st 2010 / Culver City
Larry Mullins "New Baggage" at Blythe Projects

Words have a weight. For real, this is what you understand when you look at Larry Mullins paintings. He represents them like they are full of too much meaning. He chooses Gothic thypography in volume or/and surrounded with black lines to express it. Those words are so heavy that they squeeze the others below, or on their sides;
These words are composed on the canvas precisely, like they could be organized in someone's brain. But you feel they are about to explode; One more word on the canvas and it blows up... like someone hearing the word he doesn't want to hear!

"She's OK" 2009
oil, oil stick, alkyd resin & spray paint on paper mounted on panel 44 x 36 inches
courtesy Blythe Projects, more infos clik here

Through December 24th 2010 / Los Angeles
Holiday Miniatures at dnj Gallery

dnj Gallery is pleased to present Holiday Miniature Editions - a special series of limited edition, photographic-based works by fourteen gallery artists. Almost all of the pieces are 5" x 7," printed in an edition of ten and all are $100. (Two of the artists' work are panoramic in order to fit with their style.) Created to entice your inner art collector and encourage art-giving this holiday season, the miniatures provide an affordable way to build a contemporary photography collection. Please contact the gallery for further information.

Miniature works are available by:

Bernadette DiPietro, Helen K. Garber, Richard Gilles, Benjamin Lowy, Ginny Mangrum, Jane O'Neal, Laura Parker, Suzy Poling, Annie Seaton, Bill Sosin, Tom Stone, Andrew Uchin, Anne Veraldi and Robert von Sternberg.

Jane O'Neal_Red Shoe Jane O'Neal, Red Shoe, 2010, archival pigment print, 5" x 7" Robert von Sternberg_Columbia Ice Field Robert von Sternberg, Columbia Ice Field, 2009, archival pigment print, 5" x 7"

Bill Sosin_N.W Highway Bill Sosin, N.W Highway, 2010, archival pigment print, 5" x 7"
Helen K. Garber_Westwood Helen K. Garber,Westwood, 1999, archival pigment print, 5" x 7"

Annie Seaton_Shred Mini Annie Seaton, Shred Mini, 2010, archival pigment print with acrylic inks, 5" x 7" Andrew Uchin_I Can Andrew Uchin, I Can, 2010, archival pigment print, 5" x 7"

Richard Gilles_Mad Greek Espresso Richard Gilles, Mad Greek Espresso, 2010, archival pigment print, 3.5" x 9" Benjamin Lowy Benjamin Lowy, PNG Yacht Club, 2006, archival pigment print, 5" x 10.5"

Suzy Poling_Moss Beach Suzy Poling, Moss Beach, 2010, archival pigment print, 5" x 7" Bernadette Di Pietro_Artifact #6 Bernadette Di Pietro, Artifact #6, 2007, archival pigment print, 5" x 7"

Anne Veraldi_Filament Detail Anne Veraldi, Filament Detail, 2010, archival pigment print, 7" x 5" Laura Parker_Inverse_Rubbing Laura Parker, Inverse Rubbing, 2010, archival pigment print on Japanese Washi paper, 7" x 5"

Ginny Mangrum_Stored Ginny Mangrum, Stored, 2010, archival pigment print, 5" x 7" Tom Stone_Skyler After the Rainbow Tom Stone, Skyler After the Rainbow, 2009, archival pigment print, 5" x 7"

Through December 24th 2010 / Nantes / France
"Quadrature" David Michael Clarke, Philippe Comtesse & François Morvan Capelleare, Adrien Guigon & Morgane Le Guillan at Galerie RDV
more infos clik here


Through December 4th 2010 / Culver City & China Town

Zoe Crosher "For Ur Eyes Only: The Unveiling of Michelle duBois" at Charlie James Gallery, Dan Graham & EGHQ, curated by Emma Gray

No doubt, Curator Emma Gray and her tiny new space in Culver City has raised the stakes of Culver City as contemporary art place of Los Angeles. Her First exhibition in here is astonishing. It is as good as the place is small!
Roughly, it is a story of an ordinary woman who always wanted to be someone else. A little like if Cindy Sherman was acting for real and not only for her photographs. It is our French version of Madame Bovary, by French Novelist Gustave Flaubert, but in photography version, not litterature version! It could make a strong scenario for a movie....
The second part of the exhibition is at Charlie James Gallery in China Town and third part is at Dan Graham's.

Charlie James gallery clik here
Emma Gray RGHQ, clik here
Zoe Crosher clik here

Through December 4th 2010 / Paris / FRANCE
Gábor Ösz "Blow -Up ? The Window" at Galerie Loevenbruck

courtesy Galerie Loevenbruck, more infos clik here

Through November 2010



Through November 5th 2010 / Los Angeles
at Couturier Gallery

Through November 5th 2010 / Los Angeles 
David Trautrimas "Spyfrost Project"at DJN Gallery

 This young talented photographer, from Toronto, takes pictures of any items he likes, he cuts a little what he needs to cut, he changes. Then he assembles some items together changing totally the scale of everything. It makes a quite enigmatic landscape taht directors Steven Spielberg or James Cameron would certainly appreciate!

Seismic Conduction Tower, 2009
Archival digital print
20" x 30" Edition of 14

Here is needle you used to listen your record and on the top is a record player

Courtesy DNJ Gallery, get more infos clik here

Through November 6th 2010 / Paris / FRANCE
Pierre Monestier at Galerie Artegalore

Poupée, 2010, huile sur toile, 35x27 cm.
courtesy Galerie Artegalore more infos clik here

Through November 11th 2010 / Nîmes / FRANCE
"Paul Ricard, de la Réclame à la Publicité" at the Musée du Vieux Nîmes
Caroline Tapernoux

Through November 12th 2010 / Montreal
"Ca va pas rentrer" group show at L'art passe à l'Est
Elvire Bonduelle
Ca Va Pas Rentrer permet de croiser leurs regards sur les différents usages du quotidien comme sur l'histoire des formes.
artists: Elvire Bonduelle, Romain Boulay, Bérénice Merlet, Alexis Judic, Julien Mijangos, Mélanie Vincent

Through November 12th 2010 / Montreal
Benjamin King "White sparkle" at Laroche Joncas (ex Projex MTL)
more infos clik here

Through November 20th 2010 / Brest / FRANCE
Camille Goujonat the art center La Passerelle

to get more infos clik here

Through November 21th 2010 / St Ouen / FRANCENicolas Beaud at Arty.Show
1, rue Jean Baptiste Clement
contact Nikki Ract 06 62 46 06 41

Through November 21st 2010 / Bourges / France
"Forêt Nombreuse" Stephanie Navaat Galerie La Box

5e Biennale d'art contemporain de Bourges,
Commissariat : Dominique Abensour

courtresy Galerie La Box more infos clik here

Through November 23d 2010 / Koeln / Germany

Andreas Gefeller "The Japan Series" at Thomas Rehbein Galerie

courtesy Thomas Rehbein galerie, more infos clik here

Through November 27th 2010 / SANTA MONICA / CALIFORNIA
Summer Mann "Paintings 1969 - 2010" at Rose Gallery

A soul is floating above this exhibition. Serenity and peace are feelings the artist gives to the viewer.
Be very careful because the images of the paintings you'll see on Rose gallery's website (or here opposite) do not pass on the exact sensation that comes from the remarkable paintings.
No doublt if you have the chance to live nearby, it's a must be seen exhibit!

oil on canvas
Courtesy Rose Gallery, more infos clik here

Through November 27th 2010 / Paris 2ème
Ludovic Maillard


"La nuit Blanche"

one whole night of performances and exhibitions in Paris

more infos clik here

Through October 2d, 2010 / Paris / FRANCE

This time, the wonderful photographer, Lin Delpierre, has been travelling in other countries as Korea, Palestine and Mali to catch images that "smell" the place where they come from.

Beside the lanscapes you will see remarkable compositions of photographs. The other Photographer able to combine such wonderfully the photographs is the great Miguel Rio Branco!

A "do not miss" exhibition!

Through October 3d, 2010 / Sigean / FRANCE
Alicia Paz, Piet Moget, Vincent Olinet at LAC (Lieu d'Art Contemporain)

curators Layla et Piet Moget

Alicia Paz
collage, mix technique on canvas
courtesy Galerie Dunkan & Hourdequin

more infos clik here

Through October 9th, 2010 / Santa Monica / California
George Herms "Collages" at Craig Krull Gallery

The artist has a long career on L.A. scene and well known for his installations. This time is very interesting because the gallerist asked him to exhibit his recent collages. This is a new work made of old mails, enveloppes re-emerging from his long artist life. These collages are really well assembled and also moving. You feel the long story whe looking at them!

George Herms, Untitled (LOVE),
2007, collage , 10 x 8.5 inches
Courtesy Craig Krull Gallery, more infos lik here

Through October 9th, 2010 / Montreal
Yves Teissier at Laroche/Joncas Gallery

incredible witness of our times!

"(....)Remplies d'humour, intimes et personnelles, ces tableaux sont le résultat d'un processus qui inclue le dessin d'observation d'après modèle vivant ainsi que l'utilisation d'images appropriées de la publicité et de photographies collectionnées par l'artiste. Tout est traduit par le dessin qui lui sert de point de départ pour construire ses tableaux. Utilisant la caséine sur des panneaux de bois recouverts de gesso, technique picturale populaire à l'époque Byzantine, l'artiste nous offre des compositions narratives qui mettent en scène des personnages présentés dans des moments intimes où la sensualité et le désir sont omniprésents.

Laroche/Joncas more infos clik


Through October 9th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
"Underplaying" Monika Brandmeier at Galerie Polaris
"Monika Brandmeier formule des évènements simples en associant dans l'espace différents matériaux ordinaires avec justesse et précision.
Jouant souvent avec virtuosité sur les oppositions métal - papier, fil - bois, acier - tissu, peinture - verre... Monika Brandmeier réussit à nous donner, par l'utilisation méticuleuse des médiums, l'impression que ces matériaux s'attirent se complètent, plus qu'ils ne s'opposent,reprenant l'idée que dans le monde tout est connecté avec « autre chose" galerie polaris

courtesy Galerie Polaris, more infos clik

Through October 12th, 2010 / KOELN / GERMANY

Stephan Melzl at Thomas Rehbein Galerie

to get more infos clik here

Through October 16th, 2010 / Los Angeles
"Mis 60 / My 60s" José A. Figueroa at Couturier Gallery

Excellent photographs from the 60s in Cuba. Wonderful and unusual photographs from that period. They are smooth and full of love without, or just a few, allusions to the politic period.
A retrospective catalogue is available at the gallery

Courtesy Couturier Gallery to get more infos, clik here

Through October 16th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
"Dans les nuages - In the clouds" Bente Skjøttgaard sculpture at Galerie Maria Lund

Cumulonimbus no. 1035
43 x 27 x 26 cm
stoneware and glaze 2010

Photos : Ole Akhøj and Bente Skjøttgaard

courtesy Galerie Maria Lund
More infos clik here

Through October 16th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
"THAT'S THE HOUSE FLORENCE BUILT"  Florence Remond's Personal Exhibition at Galerie Odile Ouizeman

Hou le loup, 2010, huile sur toile, 200 x 200 cm

Courtesy Galery Odile Ouizeman
For more infos, clik here

Very Very Interesting paintings.

Each painting is like a story recounted by the artist.

More precisely she puts clues on the canvas with a complex composition from which you buid your own story.
She builds a compex composition by putting elements on the whole surface of the canvas and also by superimposition the images. Some fragments of the elements are part of the background and some others are clearly ahead.

For example on the painting, left, the girl on left has her legs wich belong to the foreground and her body belongs to the back ground.

This interesting way of composition gives a new sense of time in paintings.

Do not miss this young an very talented artist


Through October 16th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE

"Laloli" Claude Closky at Galerie Laurent Godin

Claude Closky, Tuyunu, 2010
Collage on paper, diptych, twice 30 x 21 cm
Courtsey Galerie Laurent Godin, read more clik here


Through October 16th, 2010 / Culver City / CALIFORNIA
Einar & Jamex de la Torre at Koplin / del Rio Gallery

Remarkable work made of sculpted flame glass. I never saw such ability in making so delicate and strong pieces with glass as material. Besides they use their technique for colorful topics US and Mexico influences.

"Charro", 2010, blown glass and mixed media,40" x 18" x 20" 

courtesy Koplin / del Rio Gallery
more infos clik here

Through October 16th, 2010 / Santa Monica / CALIFORNIA
Ron Rizk "New Paintings" at Lora Schlesinger Gallery

"This will be the artist's first solo exhibition with the gallery, featuring masterfully rendered oil paintings that combine carefully chosen objects in theatrical architectural settings, creating a dialogue between object and setting, past and present."
Intéressantes peintures qui font penser à la créativité d'un Dali mais qui replacerait son théâtre surréaliste dans un univers quotidien avec un cadrage plus rapproché.b.Ch

Float, 2008
oil on panel  24 x 36 ?

courtesy Lora Schlesinger gallery, to get more infos clik here

"Cover to Cover" Cindy Kane at Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Bear Market on Economist
acrylic on Economist
magazine cover
11 X 9"

courtesy Lora Schlesinger gallery
more infos clik
Through October 16th, 2010 / Paris 19ème / FRANCE
Alexandre Arrechea at Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève / Loft 19

courtesy Galerie Suzanne Tarasiève, more infos clik here

Through October 23d, 2010 / Culver City
"Seven Cards Stud" Brian Bress, Matt Connors, Mari Eastman, Peter Harkawik, Nick Herman, Alex Klein and Nathan Mabry at Cherry & Martin Gallery

 Extemely strong and coherent collective exhibition by artists you already saw at the gallery. You see them growing as Matt Connors who shows a wonderful small abstract on canvas and Nick Herman who shows an interesting white on canvas.
In the first room a great master piece by Mari Eastman is a must be seen. Probably among her gooddest works, very personal, wild, unrestrained. (see left)

Mari Eastman
Landscape with Woman's Face - 2010
Flashe, acrylic, ink, oil, crystals, thread, glitter on canvas
89 x 80 inches

Courtesy Cherry & Martin Gallery, get more infos clik here

Through October 23d, 2010 / New York / USA
"Habitat Interchange" John Hodany at Zürcher Studio

It's always interesting to see a new artist at Zürcher Studio!
courtesy Zürcher Studio, more infos clik

Through October 23d, 2010 / Perigueux / FRANCE
Bernard Maricau "Engrammes" à la Visitation

Visitation more info clik here
Bernard Maricau website clik here

I am very very proud to present this exhibition on be-Art-website. When Bernard Maricau contact me he was just retired but so eager to made up for lost time, he worked so intelligently that I was sure very soon he will astonish all of us. And time has come! This is it! His exhibition is amazing go to see it quickly before he is too expensive for your budget......
Je suis particulièrement  fière d'annoncer cette exposition sur be-Art. Lorsque Bernard Maricau m'a contactée il y a deux ans, il venait de prendre sa retraite et nous étions peu à penser qu'il "donnerait" quelque chose. Mais il montrait tellement d'intelligence dans ses travaux, une telle force de travail et une telle envie que j'étais sûre qu'un jour prochain, il y arriverait. Ce jour est arrivé ! allez vite voir son exposition et acheter avant qu'il ne dépasse votre budget !

Through October 23d, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
"Haptorinius" Etienne Zucker at Galerie Plume

Dessins, Peinture et Video, voici un artiste prolifique, enthousiate que nous aimons ici et suivons avec attention
allez sur son site
more infos clik here


Through October 23d, 2010 / Culver City / Los Angeles
John Andolsek at Blythe Projects

The whole gallery is dedicated to the strong works by the artist in a kind of retrospective.

"Black Friday"
courstesy Blythe Projects, more infos, clik here

Through October 23d, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
Elvire Bonduelle

Through October 30th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
Yazid Oulab at Galerie Dupont

Hands - 2009
barbed wire - 100 cm x 35 cm
courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont
More infos clik here

Through October 30th, 2010 / Culver City / Los Angeles
Lester Monzon at Kinkead Gallery

Amazing geometrics battle on canvas, or, when abstract expresionism is battling against geometrics. Pretty interesting, a must seen. In conjonction with the show, a catalogue has been published by the excellent gallery, with an essay by Ed Schad, whose work is appreciated here.

Lester Monzon, Live Feed, 2010. Acrylic and graphite on linen, 15" X 12".
courtesy Kinkead Gallery, to get more infos cik here

Through October 30th, 2010 / Culver City / Los Angeles
"Qui vivra verra" Marius Bercea at François Ghebali Gallery

Untitled Cement Flower, 200 x 150 cm, oil on canvas, 2010

François Ghebali Gallery, more infos clik here
For his fisrt show in his new gallery, in Culver City, François Ghebali shows excellent paintings by Rumanian painter Marius Bercea. "(...)Bercea makes the re- purposed buildings of his native post-Soviet Romania become sites of unpredictable abstraction expressed through vibrant, bright colors that seep through the cracks of gray Fascist architecture.  He observes how even in a free society the buildings still manage to lump human presence into collectives. (...)" Lara Taubman
Extremely strong paintings on which the medium is totally coherent with the purpose: the roughness of the surface looks like the roughness of the government he talks about. The suffering of people during that period is like these traces on the paintings, sometimes it is too heavy, sometimes it is soft.
A must be seen exhibition! b. Ch.


Through September 11th, 2010 / Toulouse / FRANCE
"Paysage 2 et Imminence de la catastrophe" at L'Espace Croix-Baragnon
Brankica Zilovic

collective exhibition with

Berdaguer & Péjus, Damien Cabanes, Jean Lafforgue, Tania Mouraud, Lionel Loetscher, Eva Nielsen, Marie-Agnès Verdier, Brankica Zilovic

Galerie, Espace Croix-Baragnon
24, rue Croix-Baragnon
31 000 Toulouse

Sunday, September 12th, 2010 at 3pm / PARIS / FRANCE
2eme vente aux enchères des oeuvres des artistes de La Générale
More infos clik here
Through September 12th, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
"La chair des Forêts" Wang Keping at Musée Zadkine

Wang Keping, Fou rire, 2010. Bois d'érable. 92 x 48 x 47 cm

Courtesy Galerie Zürcher, more infos clik here
If you go to Paris this summer, don't miss the exhibition. Wang Keping, Chinese born, is the most impressive sculptor for wood I ever see. He carves wood whitout hurting the wood. He plays with the knots of the woods and uses them as part of the sculpture. You want to touch every piece you see because it is sensual. You feel the sculpture more than you see it.
Do not miss! BCh

Through August 31, 2010 / Paris / FRANCE

"Le rêve Rouge" Dominique Albertelli at Galerie 1161

more infos clik here

courtesy the artist

Through August 28th, 2010 / Santa Monica / California
Susan Holcomb at Lora Schlesinger Gallery

Astrum, 2009
Acrylic on canvas
42 x 42 "
Courtesy Lora Schlesinger Gallery
More infos clik here

Through August 25th, 2010 / Dallas / TEXAS

After the Hammer Museum of Los Angeles, (read below) this wonderful and so singular British artist exhibits at Nasher,


Correction fluid on black paper. 11 5/8 x 8 1/4 in. (29.5 x 21 cm). Private Collection. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates.
This exhibition is organized by Allegra Pesenti, curator, Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts at the Hammer. This is a very good retrospective that give an overview of the whole work of Rachel Whiteread. You can see the evolution of her state of mind. Really interesting.

Le parcours de cette artiste prend du sens, de la densité au fur et à mesure de son avancée. C'est ce que révèle l'excellente présentation chronologique des oeuvres par la curatrice Allegra Pesanti. A noter, une vitrine renfermant tous les objets fétiches de l'artiste qui l'ont accompagnée un temps dans son atelier. Ces objets se révèlent être des matrices qui, chacun, comporte un détail que l'on retrouve dans les oeuvres réalisées comme la couleur ambre, une transparence, une forme. Cette vitrine d'objets fait echo à l'exposition y apportant un supplément d'âme ce qui donne à l'ensemble compréhension et humanité.
Hammer Museum clik

Through August 30, 2010 / Paris / France
"Le retour des lucioles" Marie Lepetit
more infos, clik on the image

Through July 3d, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
Aksel Varichon & Les Ensaders at Artegalore

Aksel Varichon, La cloche, 2010, aquarelle sur papier, 56x38 cm


Les Ensaders, "Le musée", 2010,

techniques diverses sur papier, 50x65 cm.


Through July 3d, 2010 / PARIS 3ème / FRANCE
Patrice Bouvier at Galerie Cour Carrée
more infos clik on the image

Through July 3d, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
"Fragments d'un modernisme aléatoire" Marc Desgrandchamps at Galerie Zürcher

sans titre, 2009
huile sur toile 200 cm x 140 cm


sans titre, 2009
huile sur toile 200 cm x 150 cm

courtesy Galerie Zürcher more infos clik here
"................... cette exposition admet en revanche un « centre » en posant de manière claire et précise la question centrale du « temps ». C'est le centre virtuel situé « partout et nulle part » de Nietzsche (2). Marc Desgrandchamps auteur du titre de l'ouvrage qui accompagne cette exposition ? Fragments d'un modernisme aléatoire ? interroge ici le temps du « modernisme » dont on sait qu'il est précisément le produit d'un monde en crise laquelle, on le constate, est loin d'être aujourd'hui dépassée. ............." Bernard Zürcher
"(............... ) This is Nietzsche's virtual centre, which is "everywhere and nowhere"(2). Desgrandchamps, who provided the title for the publication that accompanies the exhibition, Fragments d'un modernisme aléatoire ("Fragments of a random modernism"), interrogates the "modernist" period, which we know to have been very much a product of a world in crisis. (...............) " Bernard Zürcher


Through July 4th, 2010 / Hegenheim / FRANCE

Marcelline Delbecq, Aïcha Hamu, Julien Carreyn, Jochen Dehn

at FABRIKculture

more infos clik here

Through July 9th, 2010 / Santa Monica

Through July 10th, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
"Kaléidoscope" Zhenchen LIU

Kaléidoscope (Full HD Video (1920x1080)  13 min, In Cycle, Without Sound, 2009, Video Installation)

courtesy Galerie Briobox, more infos clik here

(...)Dans les vidéos présentées à la Galerie Briobox, c'est le temps d'une réalité plus immédiate que nous fait voir Zhenchen LIU, celle de son propre regard. Au miracle s'oppose le Mirage comme le suggère le titre d'une œuvre, long plan fixe des deux plus hautes tours de la ville se reflétant dans l'eau doucement balayée par le vent. Mirage amplifié avec Kaléidoscope, tapissant deux murs de la galerie. En elle se concentre un temps d'images presque subliminales, voire hallucinatoires avec ces mandalas-bouddha, mandalas-Mao, etc. 
Kaléidoscope peut également se voir comme un argument sur l'art récent qui, quand il est autre chose qu'un aimable divertissement, reste hanté par un conflit engagé dès ses origines, bien avant même que l'art se pense comme tel : figurer-défigurer, produire de l'image ou bannir l'image, capter l'illusion de la vie dans toutes ses turpitudes ou se réfugier dans le sublime d'une vibration lumineuse.(...) Lucas Hees

Through July 17th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
"Stereo notes" at Galerie Lucile Corty & Galerie Carlos Cardenas
more infos clik here

Through July 23d, 2010 / Paris / FRANCE
Didier Mencobi at Galerie Eric Dupont

the artist continues his immersion in water color

courtesy Galerie Eric Dupont
more infos clik

Through July 17th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
John Giorno at Galerie Almine Rech
Go to first floor. You'll see there some remarkable works by the poet. "manger le ciel" / "eat the sky" is a beauty. The sheet of paper is lightly covered by the graphite on which those words appear delicately. Other words are posted on the paper with a big size, medium or small size for a strong or light meaning  like these poems said clearly and beautifully on stage druring a lecture by a comedian.

Through July 24th, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
Lucie & simon at Galerie Baudoin Lebon

Those wonderful photographers won HSBC prize this year

more informations clik here

Through July 24th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
Killofer at Galerie Anne Barrault

amazing, look left it is a drawing!, so detailed

rotor, 2009
graphite on paper
21 x 15 cm
courtesy galerie Anne Barrault, more infos clik

Through July 24th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
at Galerie Odile Ouizeman
more infos clik on the image

Through July 24th, 2010 / China Town / LOS ANGELES
"Bourgeois Problems"
Nancy Buchanan, Nikhil Murthy, Jeff Ostergren, Margie Schnibbe

Excellent idea of exhibition curated by Catherine Taft. She asked to the artist to express their vision of the actual mega crisis and actually it turns in something good and not at all cliché.

François Ghebaly Gallery more infos clik here

Through July 31th, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
at Galerie Camera Obscura


Through July 31th, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
"There is no Moon without a Rocket" Gilles Barbier at Galerie Vallois

Après "la possibilité d'une île" de l'écrivain Michel Houellebecq, Gilles Barbier nous présente ses possiblités du Monde ! bch
After a famous French novel which title was "the possibility of an Island" by Michel Houellebecq (do you know him in America?), the artist Gilles Barbier shows to us "the possibilities of a World" bch

image courtesy Galerie Vallois clik here for more infos

Through July 31, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
Camille Goujon at Galerie Bendana-Pinel Art contemporain


dans le cadre de la Carte Blanche à un collectionneur : Caroline Young

"iles de seins" 2010, 57 x 77 cm
courtesy galerie Bendana-Pinel Art contemporain more images clik here

Through August 14th, 2010 / Dornbirn / AUSTRIA- AUTRICHE
Mathias Garnitschnig | Claudia Larcher | Liddy Scheffknecht at Galerie

Liddy Scheffknecht

Through June 26th, 2010 / Culver City /CALIFORNIA
at Blythe Projects
excellent and very strong works by

Look at the website, clik here,

Through June 26th, 2010 / PARIS 6ème / FRANCE
"Metaphysical chemestry, Part #1" by Curator STÉPHANE CORRÉARD at Galerie Loevenbruck

participating artists:

more infos clik here

Philippe Mayaux
Sans titre, 2008
Crayon et feutre sur papier
30 x 24 cm

Through June 27th, 2010 / Rouen / FRANCE
Emilie Satre at Galerie Jerôme Ladiray

Excellent water color on paper drawn  by Emilie Satre. She puts only what is necessary on the paper. She perfectly knows how to take place on the white paper. Excellent work, don't miss it! BCh

courtesy Galerie Jérôme Ladiray, more infos clik here

Through June 30, 2010 / Paris / FRANCE
"Rabus & fils" Renate, Alex, Léopold et Till Rabus at Galerie Laurent Godin

Till Rabus, Surrealist Camping Lunch N°2, 2009 
Huile sur toile
260 x 200 cm
courtesy Galerie Laurent Godin, more infos clik here

Through June 30, 2010 / Paris / FRANCE
"Le Meilleur Monde !" Elvire Bonduelle at Galerie Intuiti


Elvire turns the traditional and serious French newspaper Le Monde into a marvellous world
galerie Intuiti more infos clik here
Exposition du mardi au samedi de 14h30 à 18h30 et sur rendez-vous jusqu'au 30 juin
Tuesday to saturday from 2.30 to 6.30 pm and by appointment until the 30th of June


Through June 19th, 2010 / Paris / FRANCE
Zenita Komad at Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve
more infos clik on the image

Through June 19th, 2010 / China Town / Los Angeles
"Everything Aligned" Philip Loersch at François Ghebali Gallery


Unfortunately we don't see precisely what the work is about. Actually this is an installation made of very thin paper cut like lace. This is a whole world but a very fragile world. Quite a good image for sure!
courtesy François Ghebaly Gallery clik for more info

Through June 1st, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
Robert Doisneau "Palm Springs 1960" at Galerie Claude Bernard

"Les Cignes Gonflables"
courtesy Galerie Claude Bernard more infos clik here
Galerie Claude Bernard is among the most interesting gallery of Paris devoted to painting, You find there a high level of paintings on canvas. Here the exibition is an exception and present a wonderful series of photographs taken by Robert Doisneau in Palm Springs. This paradoxical place is located in the desert of California. More than 85 golf courses, 600 tennis courts, and 10,000 swimming pools dot the desert landscape in the greater Palm Springs resort area. Like every tourist Robert Doisneau has been caught by this magical spot.
La galerie Claude Bernard, qui consacre habituellement ses murs à d'excellentes expositions de peinture, fait une entorse à la règle en nous présentant des photos couleurs de Robert Doisneau à Palm Springs. Cet endroit est une osasis en plein désert californien à deux heures de Los Angeles qui présente la particularité d'avoir quelques 85 terrains de golfs et 10 000 piscines. Cela crée un paysage paradoxal luxuriant et lunaire à la fois qui séduit tous les gens qui s'y rendent, comme Doisneau l'a semble-t-il été. bch.

Saturday, June 5th 2010 / Culver City / CALIFORNIA

Through June 5th, 2010 / Santa Monica / California
Ed Moses at Greenfield Sacks Gallery and Frank Lloyd Gallery

Greenfield Sacks Gallery, more infos clik here
Buck Frank, 2010
acrylic on canvas - 72 x 60 in.
courtesy Frank Lloyd Gallery clik here

You will see in both places, the last production by this iconic artist from Los Angeles, and more precisely Venice. This time he has put layers and layers of painting like you do for prints and he has added lines of colors between the different patterns. The result looks like as if the colors on the canvas did the job by themselves without the artist. I mean that we feel a life on the canvas that doesn't belong to the artist.... Amazing sensation bch

Through June 5th, 2010 / Tourcoing / FRANCE
"Topographies" Takuji Shimmura at Galerie Nadar
 Curator Valerie Douniaux and Association Helio:
"Ecoumène, 2007-2008 & Utopie-Berlin, 2005-2009: Les deux séries photographiques présentées ici offrent chacune un regard sur une ville d'Europe, une ballade dans les périphéries de grandes capitales, qui apparaît aussi comme une promenade dans le temps. Une des préoccupations majeures de Takuji Shimmura n'est-elle d'ailleurs pas de « laminer espace et temps à la surface de la photographie (.........)" by Valerie Douniaux
to read (French) more clik here

Médiathèque André Malraux
26 rue famelart
59200 Tourcoing

Through June 5th, 2010 / PARIS / FRANCE
"Entrée en Matière" Clément Bagot at Galerie Eric Dupont


More than 4 months to create this extraordinary piece, with a whole micor-archicture inside!

Above: view of the exhibition

left: "OVUM" [160 cm (hauteur) x 175 cm (longueur) x 70 cm (largeur) technique : Carton, bois, plexiglas, tubes fluorescent, année : 2009/ 2010].

courtesy clément Bagot & galerie Eric Dupont clik here

Through June 6th / Los Angeles / CALIFORNIA
Robin Rhode at LACMA

courtesy LACMA, clik here for more infos

As contemporary art is attractive nowdays, LACMA had the idea to put some contemporary shows in its walls to bring brand new and young art lovers into the museum. Since March you can see a brilliant installlation in a corner of the Ahmanson Building by the South African, Robin Rhode. It is made of five pieces of art. Two sets of photographs and three videos. As usual in his art, his body is part of the pieces like a material, like a pencil. One video is a performance he made at the opening. It is called "untitled, the rope". He takes a chalk and tries to draw a line on the wall. He acts as if it is very hard to draw, as he pulls on a rope some peope hold strongly at the opposite. Step by step he draws few lines and picks some people in the pubic to help him. After a while we really feel the difficulty and we have a real compassion for him. The artist always uses the same techniques video/performance with his body and a wall, but it is every time different, full of meanings and so funny every time. He is as great as both Buster Keaton and the mime Marcel Marceau. The result is astonishing because you see how these lines drawn on the wall, this drawing, have a soul. This is a shortcut to understand what art is about. bCh.

Pour trouver un nouveau public, le LACMA a eu l'idée de mettre de l'art contemporain dans une salle en corner du Bâtiment Ahmanson. Ce nouveau public, plus jeune préfère l'art contemporain, mais, une fois sur place il continue sa visite dans les salles de peinture moderne. Cette fois c'est l'artiste sud Africain Robin Rhode qui a été choisi et montre une installation de cinq pièces. Deux séries de photographies et trois vidéos. L'une représente un homme (l'artiste) en train d'essayer de tracer une ligne à la craie sur un mur. Il éprouve autant de difficultés à tirer son trait que s'il s'agissait d'un corde tenue par une cohorte de bûcherons à l'autre bout. Il se fait aider par des gens qui le regardent et simulent aussi la difficulté. L'effet est étonnant, et très amusant comme d'habitude. Mais le plus étonnant est ce qui reste après la performance, ce sont des traces sur le mur qui ne sont pas de simples lignes mais des traces empreintes de ces efforts collectifs. Ces lignes , ce dessin, sont "habitées". C'est la démonstration tout à fait sérieuse, sous une forme amusante, de ce qu'est l'art, une ligne "habitée". bCh

Through June 12th, 2010 / Montreal
"Virtually there" Andreas Rutkauskas at Projex-MTL

N 45° 28' 34" W 73° 37' 18"
Épreuve chromogène numérique monté sur dibond. 76 x 114 cm. 2009-10. édition de 5

more infos cik here

Through May 29th, 2010 / Santa Monica / California

Michael Light: InterMountain and Marc Valesella: Not Negotiable at Craig Krull Gallery

Bingham Mine/ Garfield Stack 04.21.06#10 (Barney´s Canyon Gold Mine, Near Bingham Canyon, Looking South) MICHAEL LIGHT
courtesy Craig Krull Gallery, more clik here
"These exhibitions consider our impact on the extended ecosystem of the West in terms of development, resource extraction, and environmental changes. In his previous exhibition here, Michael Light presented images of the vast grid of Los Angeles at night. His new work moves east from California towards Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Light continues his clear-eyed examination of the way we inhabit and alter our surroundings through a 4x5" aerial view camera from his self-piloted light aircraft or rented helicopters. His perspective addresses what critic Stephen Vincent calls "the mythology and consequences of American westward expansion." " read more clik here
This is good to see such strong works, bch

Through May 29th, 2010 / Santa Monica / California
"Thin Skinned" Andrew Sendor at Richard Heller Gallery

Amazing paintings by this spanish living artist. His work is made of great technique combined with wonderful and intriguing and multiple entry topics.
It could be a little bit confusing but the painting beside is actually the whole image.

Richard Heller gallery clik for more infos

MAY 27, 28, 29, 30 / Paris / FRANCE

Some galleries in that mythic place of Paris have decided to organize a four days event. If by chance you go to Paris at that time, do not miss.
As the website is not full of informations, contact Galerie Berthet-Aittouares to get more infos, clik here

Through May 30th, 2010 / Rotterdam / NETHERLANDS - PAYS BAS
"Kate, Bob & Luca" Katinka Lampe at Kunsthal Rotterdam

I think this is the first great personal exhibition in a museum for the talented artist. These portraits on canvas are all astonishing, strange and strong. The artist paints on very big formats and also on small but small look like big format and this is sign of a great painting.
Il s'agit ici, à ma connaissance, de la première exposition personnelle de l'artiste dans son pays. Elle peint sur de grands formats des portraits stupéfiants et inquiétants. Elle peint également ses portraits sur petits formats qui contiennent toutes les qualités des grands portraits, ce qui est un signe fort d'excellente peinture. bch

Courtesy Kunsthal Rotterdam More infos clik here

Through May 30th, 2010 / Torun / POLOGNE - Poland
Nie ?pi? tylko duchy / Awake are only the spirits at CoCA
curated by: Inke Arns & Thibaut de Ruyter

artists: Lucas & Jason Ajemian (US), Archiwum anonimowego obserwatora duchów (DE, kurator: hans w. koch), Sam Ashley (US), Corinne May Botz (US), Erik Bünger (SE),
Damien Cadio (FR), Nina Fischer/Maroan el Sani (DE), Agne`s Geoffray (FR), Kathrin Günter (DE), Carl Michael von Hausswolff (SE), Tim Hecker (CA), Martin Howse (GB), Mi?dzynarodowe Towarzystwo Nekronautyczne/INS (GB), Friedrich Jürgenson (SE),
Joep van Liefland (NL), Chris Marker (FR), Jorge Queiroz (PT), Scanner (GB),
Jan Peter E.R. Sonntag (DE), Suzanne Treister (GB)

CoCA, More infos clik here

Through May 20th, 2010 / Brussels / BELGIUM
Sophie Von Hellermann at Gallery Almine Rech

Saturday night, May 15th / Nîmes / FRANCE

Caroline Tapernoux will show a visual installation on the walls of the Cathedral

Through April 25th, 2010 / Chinatown Los Angeles / CALIFORNIA
"Sequences & Systems" Channa Horwitz at SolwayJones Gallery & Kunsthalle L.A.

Channa Horwitz
Triangle / Black and White
ink on Mylar
38-1/2 x 66 inches, framed

Courtesy SolwayJones Gallery more infos clik here
It makes a long time I haven't seen such a strong work. I'm not sure the artist is known in Europe as she would deserve it. If a curator or director of a museum in Europe read this, please organize a retrospective. Ths work is a strong thought about movement and rythms. bch

L'artiste de 70 ans montre un travail séquentiel au moins aussi intéressant que celui de Sol Lewitt. Sa réflexion tourne autour du rythme et du mouvement. Un pur bonheur à chaque dessin. Si un curateur ou Directeur de musée lit ces lignes, surtout intéressez vous au travail de Channa Horwitz qui mérite une rétrospective en Europe.

Through April 25th, 2010 / Hégenheim / FRANCE (Basel)
"La mare à boue" Frédéric Weigel at Fabrik Culture

 "Frédéric Weigel travaille en série. Adepte du hasard et grand manipulateur de mots et
d'images, il s'approprie des théories « scientifiques », des citations, des identités
fantasmées derrière lesquelles il se dissimule. Comme Protée, le gardien des troupeaux
de Neptune qui se transforme constamment, se camouffle en prenant toutes sortes
de formes, l'artiste semble vouloir garder à distance les visiteurs curieux. Son travail
oscille entre le sérieux et le dérisoire, entre le rationnel et l'intuitif, entre l'unique et le
sériel, entre le fantasme et le réel. Il détourne les images et les décline en une
multitude de variations qui dans leur multiplicité acquièrent une autonomie formelle

more infos clik here

Through April 26th, 2010 / New York
Tim Burton at Moma

"Taking inspiration from popular culture, Tim Burton (American, b. 1958) has reinvented Hollywood genre filmmaking as an expression of personal vision, garnering for himself an international audience of fans and influencing a generation of young artists working in film, video, and graphics. This exhibition explores the full range of his creative work, tracing the current of his visual imagination from early childhood drawings through his mature work in film."

Tim Burton. Untitled (Cartoons). 1980?86.
Pencil on paper, 13 x 16? (33 x 40.6 cm). Private collection.
© 2010 Tim Burton
courtesy MOMA, more infos clik here

Through April 30th, 2010 / Luxembourg
"Lost Lights" Eric Corne at Nosbaum & Reding - Art Contemporain

Through May 1st, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
"Séquence 2010" Marie Lepetit at Galerie Briobox

Séquence 2010 , 59,4x 42 cm, 2007-2009.
courtesy Galerie Briobox more infos clik here

"Pour sa première exposition personnelle à la Galerie Briobox, Marie Lepetit présente Séquence 2010, un ensemble de toiles, de dessins, et un mural. À partir des données du compas et de l'équerre, elle trace un motif rendu faussement répétitif tant par le format carré de la toile (ou celui oblongue du papier) que par les croisements et les superpositions de ce motif qui structure la surface, entraine le tout aux confins de la dissémination, comme en témoignent les dernières toiles. Dans le même temps, mais selon un mode différent, s'y mêle la couleur toujours utilisée avec mesure, voire parcimonie, redéfinie dans les tableaux récents comme luminosité ou lumière reflétée par l'accord de deux couleurs d'une même gamme. La couleur rehausse et accentue points et lignes, unit surface et fond dans lequel le tracé initial du compas et de l'équerre se trouve absorbé, où le motif qu'ils engendrent se défend de toute valeur d'icône ou de simulacre. Ainsi concentrées, tendues ou distendues, points et lignes traversent le support, semblent filer comme des queues de comètes ou des faisceaux, donnant une certaine épaisseur à la surface, et une impression de vitesse à part liée au concept d'infini, en surface." Lucas HEES 

MAY 8th & 9th, 2010 / Asnières(Paris) / FRANCE
Asnières Art walk: a few artists there open their studio during two days. Among them one we like at be-art is Nicolas Beaud.clik here

Journées Portes ouvertes pour certains ateliers d'artistes d'Asnières. Parmi ceux-ci, un que nous aimons beaucoup ici sur be-art est le suisse Nicolas Beaud clik here

Through May 8th, 2010 / Paris 3ème / FRANCE
at Galerie Odile Ouizeman

More infos clik here

April 17th and 18th / LOS ANGELES

Through April 24th, 2010 / Montreal
Mauricio Limon at Projex-MTL
more infos clik here

Through April 24th, 2010 / PARIS 11ème/ FRANCE
DESSINS 4: Claire Fanjul, Pierre Monestier, Cécile Granier de Cassagnac at Artegalore

Fourth Edition for this Exhibition of Drawings at Artegalore. Stephanie de Santis and Guillaume Garouste, the two gallery owners, stick to the drawing art fairs since their beginning and contribute to turn Paris as the World-wide Capital of Drawing

Pierre Monestier,
Le bain, 2009, acrylique sur papier, 42x60 cm.

courtesy Artegalore more infos clik here

Through April 24th, 2010 / PARIS 3ème/ FRANCE
"There is something in the air" MARKO VELK at Galerie Eric Mircher


"le hibou" 2009
125 x 125 cm charcoal on paper
courtesy the artist and Eric Mircher Gallery more infos clik here

Through April 25th, 2010 / Los Angeles / CALIFORNIA

Correction fluid on black paper. 11 5/8 x 8 1/4 in. (29.5 x 21 cm). Private Collection. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates.

This exhibition is organized by Allegra Pesenti, curator, Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts at the Hammer. This is a very good retrospective that give an overview of the whole work of Rachel Whiteread. You can see the evolution of her state of mind. Really interesting.

Le parcours de cette artiste prend du sens, de la densité au fur et à mesure de son avancée. C'est ce que révèle l'excellente présentation chronologique des oeuvres par la curatrice Allegra Pesanti. A noter, une vitrine renfermant tous les objets fétiches de l'artiste qui l'ont accompagnée un temps dans son atelier. Ces objets se révèlent être des matrices qui, chacun, comporte un détail que l'on retrouve dans les oeuvres réalisées comme la couleur ambre, une transparence, une forme. Cette vitrine d'objets fait echo à l'exposition y apportant un supplément d'âme ce qui donne à l'ensemble compréhension et humanité.

Hammer Museum clik


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